Blues Rock


Ali Clinton is a lead guitarist, singer and songwriter. Picking up the guitar at age 7, Ali quickly drew influence from his early heroes: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Rory Gallagher. By the age of 12, Ali had played with the Irish legend Pat Mcmanus (of the Mamas Boys and Celtus), Bernie Marsden of Whitesnake and Andy Powell of Wishboneash. At the age of 13, Ali made his first album appearance on Pat Mcmanus’ “2PM”, playing rhythm and lead guitar on a cover of Bob Dylans “Blowin’ in the wind”. At the age of 16, Ali auditioned for the role of rhythm/duel guitar for the legendary Uli Jon Roth. With only days to learn a full set, Ali got the gig, pulling off solos from early Scorpions classics such as “We’ll Burn The Sky”, “In Trance” and many other virtuoso pieces. Within months of touring with UJR in the UK, Ali got offered to tour with Uli across Northern America and Canada for the recording of UJR’s 40th anniversary Scorpions live album, where he played with musical legends such as Michael Angelo-Batio, Wayne Findley, and Cofi Baker (son of Ginger Baker).
Ali has also played with brilliant artists such as Carl Sentance (Don Airey/Nazareth/Persian risk), Nathan James (Trans Siberian Orchestra/Uli Jon Roth/Inglorious)
Ali has released a series of original music, ranging from blues to heavy, hard riffing grunge rock. Never afraid to push the boundaries, he is currently writing and recording more material for a full album.

“A must see band…” – Blues Matters Magazine