Heavy Metal


Livewire are the AC/DC show with a big difference! Both the Bon Scott & Brian Johnson eras of the band are included - with two very individual singers in the same explosive performance! The band bring the full size 'DC show to the fans - complete with the cannons, the walkways, the backdrops and the drapes. With a rock hard rhythm section and Lorne cutting the rug as Angus Young, it's easy to see why Livewire are considered to be the ultimate tribute to AC/DC. All the classics are there from Whole Lotta Rosie and Highway To Hell, to Thunderstruck and Back In Black. With Livewire there's no holding back - it's the full on show from start to finish! Close your eyes and you'll hear AC/DC; open your eyes and you'll see AC/DC!

Sack Sabbath are the UK's finest, longest serving and most authentic tribute to the original masters of metal, Black Sabbath
Formed in 2002, Sack Sabbath have been delighting audiences across Europe with their stunning take on the music and look of the legendary Black Sabbath.
Fronted by the best Ozzy lookalike in the business, Ozzy Oddbin, the band also boasts Tony I.O.U. on guitar, Geezer I Can't Believe It's Not Butler on bass and Brill Ward on drums.
Sack Sabbath play only the classic Sabbath music from the first eight albums 1970-78 so expect bonecrunching renditions of War Pigs, Iron Man, NIB, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and of course, Paranoid.